Lanai band from Oulu, Northern Finland, filmed a five-part studio live series with the help of Arctic Pulse in July 2020. Originally, Lanai is a duo consisting of Tanja Torvikoski and Petri Kuusela, but the Arctic Pulse Sessions were arranged with a band and a string section at the Wolfbeat Studios in Oulu. The tracks will be released as an EP in 2021.

Petri Kuusela – vocals, guitar
Tanja Torvikoski – vocals, piano
Jaakko Konttila – bass
Juuso Ahlroos – vocals, drums
Weronika Skowrońska – viola
Oskari Elomaa – cello

Directed, filmed and edited by Iisakki Kennilä
Art direction: Petri Kuusela, Tanja Torvikoski
Production: Petri Kuusela
Recording engineer: Tapio Wiik
Mixing engineer: Matias Kiiveri, Hollywood House Studios
Mastering engineer: Jarno Alho, Alho Mastering
Executive producer: Arctic Pulse
All rights reserved by Lanai

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